Top 3 Writing Platforms for young journalists

Sierra Vandervort, contributing writer for Ed at Indiana, gives you a list of online writing platforms that you can write for.

As aspiring editors, we know how important experience is in this industry. People will fight tooth and nail for a good internship, and our resumes are constantly stacked with our latest pieces. But what we might not know is the sheer amount of different resume boosters right within your grasp.

Besides the IDS and INSIDE magazine, there are tons of online publications available for you to get your hands on. Send a resume and a quick hello to any (or all) of these top three platforms and you could be well on your way to a goldmine of experience.

1) Elite Daily:

As one of the top writing platforms for our generation, Elite Daily has been growing exponentially in popularity. With over 1.2 million followers, Elite Daily offers young journalists an audience bigger than our wildest dreams. They also make it super easy to work around a college kid’s schedule. As a contributing writer, you’re free to pitch and write articles at your convenience. Have a week full of exams? No problem, so you don’t publish for a couple weeks. Major dead week? Even better. You can submit three articles in a day. They’re not all guaranteed to get published, but if they do you can be sure your work will be seen by a lot of eyes, which is great for getting your name out there.

2) The Huffington Post:

Surprise! The Huffington Post has a blog. They invite young and experienced bloggers alike to join their team of esteemed wordsmiths. As one of the biggest names in publishing, working with HuffPo is a great way to further your career and get you noticed. Plus, you never who could be reading your work.

3) Thought Catalog:  

They’re the source of 50% of the articles you see on your Facebook feed, and they want writers like you. Thought Catalog is different in the sense that they don’t necessarily hire “contributing writers.” They take submissions from young writers and decide to publish based on content, opinion and relativity. That being said, many young writers have contributed dozens of articles in an attempt to get their name in ink. It’s a great first start if you’re more into feature ideas.

The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. We’re at the point in our lives where, arguably, no press is bad press. Get your name on a byline. It doesn’t matter if it’s at or Auto Universe. You’re a writer – so write.



A Day in the life at Michael Kors

Sierra Vandervort, Ed writer, worked for Michael Kors as a press and sales intern this past summer. 

Living and working in New York City can be one of the most exhilarating, exhausting and scary times of your life. This past summer, I had the luck of working as a press and sales intern for the luxury brand Michael Kors. With the corporate offices in the heart of Manhattan, I gained a lot of experience in areas I never thought I would. From navigating the subway systems, to meeting Michael during the Spring product reviews, every day was a new adventure.

9:00 AM – I wake up in my NYU dorm room in Greenwich. The bustling of the cars and horns below my window motivate me to start my day.

10:00 AM – I’m dressed and out the door. I cut through Washington Square Park to grab some Starbucks before I start my day. (The coffee is actually included on my NYU meal plan, score!)

10:15 AM – I hop on the uptown F train to take me to 42nd St. and Bryant Park. The Michael Kors offices are right in the heart of midtown with a gorgeous view over the park.

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A Day in the Life at NYC Fashion Week

Sierra Vandervort, writer for Ed at Indiana, just attended New York Fashion Week, one of the biggest fashion events in the world!

Fashion week is one of the busiest, most glamorous weeks in all of New York City. Designers, models and interns alike all flock to the Big Apple to kick off the month-long super-event. After its initial stop in New York City, the couture party moves on to London, Paris and Milan.

A day in the life at fashion week can be pretty hectic. With hardly any time to eat, sleep or breathe, it can be a bit overwhelming. But underneath all the stress and the sweat is the most exciting week for any fashionista. That being said, as a recently de-flowered Fashion Week virgin, let me explain a thing or two before you dive heels-first into the tumultuous adventure that is NYFW.

9:00 am – Walk to the subway station on W. 4th Street, take the A train downtown to the southern seaport to meet the team at the studio.

9:30 am – Pack up the looks, model boards, model trades, show supplies and press releases. Do a last minute steam and check of the clothes before putting them in garment bags.
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How to Find Summer Housing in NYC

NYU Campus

Happy intern season, Edsters. Are the odds in your favor this year? If you’ve made it past the interviews, cover letters and acceptance letters, you’re halfway there. After you accept your internships, the true planning begins.

In the heart of many editors-to-be is the country’s magazine hotspot: New York City. Jobs in the Big Apple can be scary, exciting and intimidating all wrapped into one beautiful, dazzling package. Before you can pack your bags and launch your Empire State of mind, you have to think ahead.

Housing is one of the most stressful – and expensive – aspects of any internship in New York. Start by finding out if your internship provides housing for you. This is rare, but if they do, you can skip a lot of the formalities and go back to celebrating.

For us lone wolves, prepare to do some research. Start with the office where you’ll be working. You’ll want to live somewhere fairly close to your internship, but don’t let distance keep you from a great place to live. There are always public transportation opportunities. The extra 5 miles won’t be as bad when you can bus half of them. Continue reading