A Day in the Life at NYC Fashion Week

Sierra Vandervort, writer for Ed at Indiana, just attended New York Fashion Week, one of the biggest fashion events in the world!

Fashion week is one of the busiest, most glamorous weeks in all of New York City. Designers, models and interns alike all flock to the Big Apple to kick off the month-long super-event. After its initial stop in New York City, the couture party moves on to London, Paris and Milan.

A day in the life at fashion week can be pretty hectic. With hardly any time to eat, sleep or breathe, it can be a bit overwhelming. But underneath all the stress and the sweat is the most exciting week for any fashionista. That being said, as a recently de-flowered Fashion Week virgin, let me explain a thing or two before you dive heels-first into the tumultuous adventure that is NYFW.

9:00 am – Walk to the subway station on W. 4th Street, take the A train downtown to the southern seaport to meet the team at the studio.

9:30 am – Pack up the looks, model boards, model trades, show supplies and press releases. Do a last minute steam and check of the clothes before putting them in garment bags.
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