Skype Extravaganza Recap

skype_logo-580x367Last week, Ed at Indiana hosted our fall Skype extravaganza! We had the privilege of speaking with two very helpful magazine gurus, Maria Masters, associate health editor at Family Circle, and Emily Farra, editorial coordinator at Maria and Emily spoke about their current jobs and answered questions from Ed-sters about how to break into the magazine biz. Here was some of their great advice:

1. Tell everyone you know you want to work in the magazine industry.
Maria said she discovered that she wanted to be a magazine editor early in her college career. She told everyone she knew about her dream and utilized a personal contact to get her first internship. If people don’t know you’re looking, you could miss out on a lot of potential opportunities.

2. Don’t be afraid of post-grad internships.
Both Maria and Emily did post-grad internships and said that they’re a great way to gain to additional experience and make current contacts. Maria did a 6-month postgraduate internship at Men’s Health, which led to her first job, and Emily interned at Marie Claire for three weeks following graduation before getting the call from

3. Do your research.
As the intern coordinator for, Emily said she read about 75 applications for fall interns. She could quickly tell who did their research and knew the website inside and out. Those were the people who were successful. Maria also said that she appreciates job candidates who understand the magazine’s audience and voice. Continue reading