Amanda Heckert Dinner Recap

Amanda-HeckertLast week, ten lucky Ed-sters gathered at Village Deli for a special dinner with Amanda Heckert, the Editor-in-Chief of Indianapolis Monthly. We spent nearly two hours grilling Amanda about everything from internships to interviews to pitching stories. She was extremely kind and patient with all of our questions and dished out some valuable advice!

Amanda started her magazine career with an internship at Atlanta Magazine following her college graduation. After her internship ended, she took a job at a much smaller magazine where she did everything from writing to editing to proofing to cleaning the office. Even though it was extremely stressful, she said her first job gave her the necessary skills to be successful at a larger magazine. Continue reading


A Day in the Life at Indianapolis Monthly

  • Carmen-Huff

After Ed Vice President of Social Media Carmen Huff returned from Kenya (where she went for J418, Reporting on HIV/AIDS in Africa), she spent the rest of this past summer as an intern for Indianapolis Monthly. Here is what a typical day looked like at her internship:

8:55 a.m. I would always get to work at least a little early. I would run upstairs, log into the old computers and check my email. Then I would go down to the second floor to tell my mentor I was there.

9:15 a.m. After checking in with a few staff members, I would have fact checking assignments for the day. The staff would highlight everything that needed to be verified. I would Google and call until I knew every word was true.

10 a.m. Keep checking all the facts.

Noon By the afternoon, I was starving. I tried to have lunch with a different editor every day just so I could pick their brain for information. If an editor didn’t have time for lunch, then I would ask for a 20-minute informational interview. It was great to get advice and take a break from fact checking. Best tip: When applying for a job or internship, spell the hiring person’s name correctly. Continue reading