Edit Test Workshop Recap

Applying for an internship this summer? Looking to brush up on some common knowledge and grammar? Well, look no further! Ed recently held a workshop to introduce whippersnappers to editing tests, which are often a component of the magazine interview process. Read on to find out everything you need to know about acing the test.

Publications usually administer these tests to see the overall knowledge of its future interns and employees. It will encompass most (if not all) of the following sections: grammar, writing, editing, general knowledge, reporting, creativity, generating ideas and knowledge of your audience.

1. Make sure to brush up on all things pop culture prior to the test. Read the newspaper, refresh Twitter, or watch E! News. Do whatever you need to do differentiate yourself.

2. Review ALL your grammar notes. You’ll need to remember your thens and thans, along with those adjectival clauses. You’ll need to eat, sleep, and breathe those AP Style books! Continue reading