7 Helpful Apps for Future Magazine Editors

Let’s face it, editing is hard. Perfecting your own story alone is a challenge, but when you hold the power of making someone else’s perfect as well, the pressure is on! Here are a few apps to help make you become the editor you’re destined to be!

Poetica is for the over achievers or the beginners who just really want some extra practice in editing. As long as you sign up, you can edit essays or stories from any member around the world. This gives you extra practice and an advantage in experience over others as you become comfortable with all types of different works of writing! The online app available to all.

Spice Mobile
Need a little umph in your writing? Spice Mobile is the app for that! This app gives you a little help in tuning your ordinary phrases into million dollar phrases. Sometimes you just need a little help in finding a great word in order to make the story better. Available in Google Play.

Everyone needs organization, right? Evernote has been a top editor’s choice app for years. This app will help you keep whatever thoughts, stories or tips you have in order. This is perfect for editors who are extremely busy with different stories and need to keep each one separate and always handy. Download the Evernote app in Google Play, the App Store or Windows Market. Continue reading