Embracing the Voice and Personality of a Magazine

Kennedy Coopwood, contributing writer for Ed at Indiana, gives you tips for how to find the voice and personality of a magazine. 

With so many magazines out there in the world, how do you fit right with just one? What can you do to set you in good standings with that particular magazine and brand? How will you stand out among others who have the same drive and who may even write or edit better than you do? The answer: Target your writing to a specific magazine.                                                                                                  Your cover letters, your sample writings for the magazine, even the way you present yourself should reflect that you are perfect for the job. Embrace the magazine as yours. Here’s how you can do that…

  • Do your research.

Find out what the magazine stands for. Figure out why the magazine was created and why people read it. The voice of the magazine is what keeps people reading. Study the style. Look at how articles are developed and printed. Sit down, take some time out of your day, and read.
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