US Weekly and Time Recap

Lindsay Moore, VP of Communications for Ed at Indiana, recapped last week’s Us Weekly and Time meeting. 

For Ed’s third Skype Hype this semester we were lucky enough to speak with two writers for weekly magazines. They gave us an inside look on how to land an interview, impress editors and be a standout intern.

We spoke with Us Weekly beauty writer, Rose Walano, about the differences between web and print and how to excel in both. Walano has worked at, and and basically every other dream publication you can think of.

Cover Letters:

  1. Cover letters need to be tailored to the organization you’re applying for. Walano recommends being very familiar with the publication’s style and attitude so that you can mimic it in your cover letter.
  2. She also recommended adding some of your own personality. Cover letters are your first impression with editors—so make it sound like you!
  3. Absolutely no grammar or spelling mistakes! This sounds like a no brainer but submitting sloppy work puts you first on the chopping block.

Your work isn’t over once you land the internship. Walano gave us insider tips on what she did to stand out as an intern and what she notices about her own interns.

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Entry Level 101 Skype w/ Chandra Turner Recap

Kelsey Roadruck, contributing writer for Ed at Indiana, recapped the meeting we had last Tuesday evening with founder and president of Ed2010, Chandra Turner.

Although it’s a humbling thought to imagine yourself landing your dream job straight out college, it’s a tad – just a tad – unrealistic. Edsters hyperbolic visions were brought down to an attainable level this week as they Skyped with IU Journalism alumna and founder of Ed2010, Chandra Turner. Turner tuned us all into what entry-level editor positions are really like, and how whippersnappers can get there.

“We all wanted to be editors by 2010,” so Ed2010 was born, folks. Straight off the graduation stage, Turner fled the Midwest and headed to New York where she began interning for “American Baby” as part of the ASME program. Her fellow ASME interns were just shy of age from Turner, so when they returned to school in the fall, Turner remained their core contact that was still based in NYC. After graduation in ‘98, the ASME clan reunited with a six-pack and departed once more with a buzz and a website – Ed2010.

Finding Internships and Jobs:
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Allison Berry, Assistant to the Redbook EIC Skype recap

Kaitlyn Chamberlin, Web Director for Ed at Indiana, recapped the meeting we had last Tuesday evening with assistant to EIC of Redbook.


Want to move to NYC, but have absolutely no idea how to get there? Or where to even start looking? Terrified, nervous, ready to take on the big apple – so many emotions! Ed at Indiana caught up with IU Journalism alum, Allison Berry, who gave us all her handy dandy tricks on how to conquer NYC and land your dream job or internship.

Berry is currently the assistant to Editor-in-Chief, Meredith Rollins, at Redbook magazine in New York City. We talked about everything from how she got to where she is today, to what a “normal” day at the office looks like, and what it’s really like living in NYC. Berry held nothing back, and was super honest and sincere with her responses- which is what made the event a success! That, and the fact there was Chick-fil-a, Red Vines, and Coke/Diet Coke! (All red labeled items! Get it? Red labeled items for Redbook! HA!)

Favorite Part of Berry’s Job: Reaching out to women and getting to tell their stories. And of course, the work perks aren’t too bad either… Like beauty sales and cleaning out the fashion closet.

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Edit Test Workshop Recap

Applying for an internship this summer? Looking to brush up on some common knowledge and grammar? Well, look no further! Ed recently held a workshop to introduce whippersnappers to editing tests, which are often a component of the magazine interview process. Read on to find out everything you need to know about acing the test.

Publications usually administer these tests to see the overall knowledge of its future interns and employees. It will encompass most (if not all) of the following sections: grammar, writing, editing, general knowledge, reporting, creativity, generating ideas and knowledge of your audience.

1. Make sure to brush up on all things pop culture prior to the test. Read the newspaper, refresh Twitter, or watch E! News. Do whatever you need to do differentiate yourself.

2. Review ALL your grammar notes. You’ll need to remember your thens and thans, along with those adjectival clauses. You’ll need to eat, sleep, and breathe those AP Style books! Continue reading

Amanda Heckert Dinner Recap

Amanda-HeckertLast week, ten lucky Ed-sters gathered at Village Deli for a special dinner with Amanda Heckert, the Editor-in-Chief of Indianapolis Monthly. We spent nearly two hours grilling Amanda about everything from internships to interviews to pitching stories. She was extremely kind and patient with all of our questions and dished out some valuable advice!

Amanda started her magazine career with an internship at Atlanta Magazine following her college graduation. After her internship ended, she took a job at a much smaller magazine where she did everything from writing to editing to proofing to cleaning the office. Even though it was extremely stressful, she said her first job gave her the necessary skills to be successful at a larger magazine. Continue reading

Skype Extravaganza Recap

skype_logo-580x367Last week, Ed at Indiana hosted our fall Skype extravaganza! We had the privilege of speaking with two very helpful magazine gurus, Maria Masters, associate health editor at Family Circle, and Emily Farra, editorial coordinator at Maria and Emily spoke about their current jobs and answered questions from Ed-sters about how to break into the magazine biz. Here was some of their great advice:

1. Tell everyone you know you want to work in the magazine industry.
Maria said she discovered that she wanted to be a magazine editor early in her college career. She told everyone she knew about her dream and utilized a personal contact to get her first internship. If people don’t know you’re looking, you could miss out on a lot of potential opportunities.

2. Don’t be afraid of post-grad internships.
Both Maria and Emily did post-grad internships and said that they’re a great way to gain to additional experience and make current contacts. Maria did a 6-month postgraduate internship at Men’s Health, which led to her first job, and Emily interned at Marie Claire for three weeks following graduation before getting the call from

3. Do your research.
As the intern coordinator for, Emily said she read about 75 applications for fall interns. She could quickly tell who did their research and knew the website inside and out. Those were the people who were successful. Maria also said that she appreciates job candidates who understand the magazine’s audience and voice. Continue reading

Online Portfolio Workshop Recap

hire1Whether it’s in person, in an interview or online, when it comes to finding your dream magazine internship or job, it’s all about how you present yourself. Last week, we took on the latter with Ed at Indiana’s inaugural online portfolio workshop with Professor Steve Layton.

A small group of Ed’s brightest young whippersnappers gathered on Tuesday Oct. 1 in EP 210 for Pizza X (yum!) and to go over the basics for setting up the perfect personal website.

Here are some highlights:

When it comes to creating your own online portfolio, you have three main options. Code the website yourself, try programs like Adobe Dreamweaver or Muse— they don’t require full-fluency in HTML/CSS— or try one of the following website hosts: Weebly, Breezi, Wix, Contently, Muckrack or WordPress. But don’t let their funny names fool you, many are as simple as a click-and-drag technology. Continue reading