Meet the Team

Ed at Indiana is the Ed on Campus chapter of Ed2010, a national community of magazine editors and magazine-editor wannabes. We are a group of determined IU students who want to help Hoosiers learn about careers in the magazine industry. Meet our fabulous team members:

Lindsay Moore, President


Lindsay is a junior studying journalism. Even though she’s young, she has tons of journalism experience. She is a DJ for B-Side at WIUX, a student blogger for We Are IU, and the social media manager for Union Board Films. She’s also a member of numerous campus organizations such as the Media Scholars. Her favorite magazines are Bust, Bustle, NYC Magazine, Newsweek, Time, Vanity Fair, and Vice. She hopes to one day be the media editor for (NYMag’s) The Cut, Daily Beast or Vanity Fair. She loves actress Meg Ryan with her favorite Meg Ryan character being Sally from When Harry Met Sally because she’s smart, sassy, has great hair, and, of course, works at NYMag!

Madison Hardt, Web Director

Madison is a sophomore studying journalism and informatics. Along with being a member of the Ed team, she is an Ernie Pyle Scholar and writes a personal style/design blog called Madison Monteze. Her favorite magazines are Vogue, Kinfolk, Darling and Fast Company. She’s an avid blog reader and watches The Devil Wears Prada at least once a month. Her dream job would be a graphic or interaction designer for a fashion brand or tech company.

Adam Smith, VP of communications

Adam is a sophomore studying journalism and English. In addition to working with Ed2010, he spends his time working on the music blog and literary magazine he founded and co-founded, respectively. His favorite magazines go back and forth between The Atlantic, Spin, The New Yorker and Paste. Adam’s dream is to be buried in a pile of books and music with all the time in the world to write about them.

Sierra Vandervort, Co-VP of Events

Sierra is a junior majoring in journalism with a concentration in music. She regularly reads Rolling Stone, The Guardian and Vanity Fair. She hopes to spend her life following musicians all over the globe and telling their stories. She spends her spare time blogging, reading and bouncing around the music festival scene. 

Rachel Rosenstock, Co-VP of Events


Rachel is a sophomore Journalism and French major. Besides being a part of the Ed team, she is also an officer for IU’s student-led French club and currently has an internship with CollegeFashionista. Rachel hopes to work for some of the publications she loves, which include Glamour, Vogue and Vanity Fair. She hopes her experience with Ed can bring her one step closer to achieving her dream of being a fashion editor who lives in Paris and eats macaroons for breakfast.


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