Day in the Life: Social Media Intern

Seeing as she was ALWAYS on social media, Lindsay Moore, VP of Communications for Ed, found a summer internship that best suited her savy social skills. She found the perfect balance of flexibility and solid job experience through her virtual social media internship with music website

10:00am: Open up all social media accounts, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Record the analytics from the previous days’ posts in an excel file.

10:15am: Google chat with founder, aka my boss, Sarah Karkoura. We would discuss the week’s project, my progress from last week and address any questions that I had.

10:30am: Send Sarah an email with my daily/weekly goals for each social media site.

10:35am: Go to and skim through all of the latest content. Decide which would do best on what platform.

10:40am: Make custom bitly links for all of the content; then write and schedule posts throughout the day.

11:00am: Compile social media analytics from the past three weeks for a social media audit. This means how many posts per platform, how many interactions per post, audience analytics, brand implantation and many many more tedious details!

12:00pm: Monitor that all my scheduled posts are going up on time and stay on top of trending topics.

8:00pm: Live tweet! I got to live tweet the first annual Alternative Press Music Award show. This was the highest spike in Twitter interactions our account saw all summer.