Allison Berry, Assistant to the Redbook EIC Skype recap

Kaitlyn Chamberlin, Web Director for Ed at Indiana, recapped the meeting we had last Tuesday evening with assistant to EIC of Redbook.


Want to move to NYC, but have absolutely no idea how to get there? Or where to even start looking? Terrified, nervous, ready to take on the big apple – so many emotions! Ed at Indiana caught up with IU Journalism alum, Allison Berry, who gave us all her handy dandy tricks on how to conquer NYC and land your dream job or internship.

Berry is currently the assistant to Editor-in-Chief, Meredith Rollins, at Redbook magazine in New York City. We talked about everything from how she got to where she is today, to what a “normal” day at the office looks like, and what it’s really like living in NYC. Berry held nothing back, and was super honest and sincere with her responses- which is what made the event a success! That, and the fact there was Chick-fil-a, Red Vines, and Coke/Diet Coke! (All red labeled items! Get it? Red labeled items for Redbook! HA!)

Favorite Part of Berry’s Job: Reaching out to women and getting to tell their stories. And of course, the work perks aren’t too bad either… Like beauty sales and cleaning out the fashion closet.

Hardest Part of Berry’s Job: She’s not a mind reader. Getting used to being an assistant for one person- one VERY VERY VERY busy person was an adjustment. Berry had to learn how to stay three steps ahead of EIC.

Transition from IU to NYC: Berry wasn’t exactly prepared to leave Indiana and move to NYC when the time came. She had never even been on a plane! She had to leave all her friends, move to a city that she’d never even been to, and start from scratch. We, however, believe that she did an awesome job adjusting!

Advice for Applying to Internships: “Be aggressive!!!” Berry stressed how important it is to be aggressive and reach out the magazines you want to intern at. Find out how the intern coordinator is and email them, email them, email them.

Advice for Applying to Jobs: Schedule informational interviews with the human resource department of the magazine you are interested in. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Stalk people on LinkedIn. Reach out to recruiters. You have to find the job, it won’t find you.

First Interviews: You are never too prepared.