A Day in the life at Michael Kors

Sierra Vandervort, Ed writer, worked for Michael Kors as a press and sales intern this past summer. 

Living and working in New York City can be one of the most exhilarating, exhausting and scary times of your life. This past summer, I had the luck of working as a press and sales intern for the luxury brand Michael Kors. With the corporate offices in the heart of Manhattan, I gained a lot of experience in areas I never thought I would. From navigating the subway systems, to meeting Michael during the Spring product reviews, every day was a new adventure.

9:00 AM – I wake up in my NYU dorm room in Greenwich. The bustling of the cars and horns below my window motivate me to start my day.

10:00 AM – I’m dressed and out the door. I cut through Washington Square Park to grab some Starbucks before I start my day. (The coffee is actually included on my NYU meal plan, score!)

10:15 AM – I hop on the uptown F train to take me to 42nd St. and Bryant Park. The Michael Kors offices are right in the heart of midtown with a gorgeous view over the park.

10:30 AM – I flash my ID to the security guard before taking the elevator up to the 22 floor of the building. I meet my supervisor – Sofia Sizzi – in her office space.

11:00 AM – I help Sofia set out the sample shoes and designs to review with Michael in the afternoon. Every copy of every design must be copied, filed and imported into the line list.

11:30 AM – I stand back and watch as Sofia presents all the designs to Michael. The room is flooded with people hanging on every word he says and story he tells. He loves Sofia’s latest designs. He congratulates her as he sips on his lemonade from Au Bon Pain. He casually says hello to me as he leaves, and I continue to fan-girl for the next 20 minutes.

12:00 PM – Sofia sends me to the Pret a Manger next door to grab lunch for us and the rest of the design team. And if I have anything to do with it, we need to get some of these in Indy asap. Their lemon-zest grilled chicken salad is to die for.

1:00 PM – After lunch, we continue to do product reviews with our foot model, Olivia. Her and I talk about school, work, and her recent marriage, while she tries on dozens of shoes for Sofia and the team.

3:00 PM – After the corrections have been made to the latest specs, we have to bring the current season’s products down to the showroom for the photo-shoot. The mailroom workers help us carry enormous boxes filled with shoes, belts and bags to the 21st floor showroom.

3:30 PM – Sofia smiles at me as I walk around the showroom in awe. I can’t resist running my fingers across the illuminated bags and shoes on the plexiglass shelves. She laughs and tells me how cute my enthusiasm is in her thick Italian accent.

4:00 PM – We spend the rest of the day working with the photo-shoot for the upcoming line. Sofia gets me a copy of the press release to review. She explains the writing and what should be highlighted for a press release to be effective.

6:00 PM – After the photo shoot, I’m sent to update the line list back on the 22nd floor. Every sketch must be updated with the correct specifications before they’re sent off to Italy. The other girls on the design team debate the idea of ordering pizza for the office. Lykke Li radio plays softly in the background.

7:00 PM – After a long day Sofia tells me I can go home and thanks me for my hard work of the day.

8:00 PM – I’ll either grab some dinner and sit in Bryant Park, find a free concert nearby, or go shopping down Fifth Ave. before I head back to my room for the night. New York has so much to offer.

11:00 PM – I flop into my bed, exhausted and satisfied. I cozy up with some Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix before falling asleep to the honking of cars and bustle of life below my tenth floor window.