What I Wish I Knew: Cynthia Wang

Lindsay Moore, VP of Communications for Ed at Indiana, had the chance to interview Cynthia Wang, freelancer for People, Who, and AdNews

 First day as an intern:

“What I wish I knew when I walked into the People office as an intern was, who exactly the copy editors were. Because ultimately, even though you think you want to appeal to your bosses, the people who really help you are the copy editors. They make sure your stories are flawless. So I wish there was more of an introduction to the whole staff.”

During your first interview:

“I wish I knew that I could really ask as many questions as I wanted to. Until someone specifically says I need to leave now, you can keep asking things. I really wish I knew that because I think stories would be deeper if I had more quotes. I was just so excited to get someone talking to me. I think that’s always the case, you’re always going to do more when you have more. And you think, oh well I don’t really need to talk to this person for this long. But it’s not about need, it’s about being a good reporter and being a very social person.”

What to wear:

“Just know what the general dress culture is of where you’re going to be. For me, what I wish I knew in my office was that I didn’t need to be so formal all the time. I think one of the things you tend to do especially when you’re interning is you over dress. You end up looking like you’re 20 years older than you are.”


“Especially if you’re a freelancer, if you’re covering an event or a story, you gather every single bit of information you can get. You never know how many stories will come out of your one experience. Every event you go to there are many different possible outlets for the information you gather. Don’t limit yourself to what is immediately in front of you.”