Getting Involved as a Freshman Editor to-be

1As a freshman at IU, the pressures of school, a social life and extra-curriculars can sometimes be overwhelming. We’ve heard about college our whole lives, and now that we’re here…now what?

After my first semester in Bloomington, the most important piece of advice I can give to newcomers is simple: get involved. There are so many ways to get involved around campus that it is impossible to go wrong.

As an Ed-ster, it’s important to pick extra-curriculars that not only speak to you, but also will speak to your future editors. What is going to make me stand out? The answers may surprise you. Here are four things you can do now that will help you in the future:

1.     Student Media
Alright, maybe this one doesn’t surprise you, but student media is one of the most relevant activities for future editors to have on their resume. You don’t have to limit yourself to just the IDS or INSIDE. Do some research and see which publication best suits your needs.

2.     Philanthropy
More than likely, your future employers will have a heart. Show them that you do too! It’s important to prove to them that you weren’t the stereotypical self-centered college student. Find a cause that speaks to you and get involved. Better yet, start your own chapter of a national organization on campus. (Bonus points for leadership!)

3.    Try something new
Publication experience is nice, but as an editor you, need to be prepared for anything. Sometimes this means breaking out of your comfort zone. You’d be surprised how you can tie in fun electives on a resume. Your position on the Quidditch team showed you how to exhibit excellent teamwork and work ethic. Having activities outside of journalism proves that you are well-rounded.

4.    Make time for yourself
So maybe this won’t make it onto your resume, but down time is essential if you plan on being a successful undergrad. Hit up Kirkwood with your friends or catch a movie at the IMU. A good editor needs to know when to take a step back, so start finding a balance between work and play now.

– Sierra Vandervort