Phone Interview Tips

phone-interviewYou may think that a phone interview is easier than being in front of an actual interviewer. You don’t have to worry about wearing the proper attire (for us girls this means no killer heels), trying to maintain the correct posture, maintaining eye contact, sweaty palms (or armpits for that matter) or the dreadful bad hair day. Just because many of your worries have disappeared doesn’t mean you don’t have to take the interview seriously. What you say, how you say it and your tone can make the slightest difference between mastering the interview and mastering how to quickly waste someone’s time. Here are some tips to help you rock your next phone interview:

1. Before you even think about answering an interviewer’s call, learn how to pronounce the name of the person who is interviewing you and do your research about the company you’re wishing to become an employee of. This may seem like a duhh tip but the more you know of the company and its background, the more you’ll seem right for the position.

2. Follow the conversation. Listen and be engaged. Become the best conversationalist. If you can talk to the interviewer, they will recognize that and conclude that you can talk to others in the same way, and this scores you points on the interview!Remember there is nothing more important than the follow-up question. An interviewer always get his best quotes from follow-up questions. Tell the interviewer more, but be careful not to babble! Also, remember that general terms don’t make for good stories. Be detailed in your answers and give examples. Answer your questions in a way that shows you’re knowledgeable.

3. Know the main points you want to get across regardless of what’s asked. Be willing to take the interview in a different direction. If you want the interviewer to know something about what you have to offer or what you know, tell them! But be careful not to get ahead of yourself. Try to have a level of openness without boasting.

4. Be enthusiastic! Show your friendly side! You should be relaxed, but still poised and professional. Joke around a bit, and let it be a comfortable conversation! Just because the interviewer can’t see you, doesn’t mean the interviewer can’t see you.

Get these simple tips down and you’ll gain an advantage over other contenders. When the time comes, you’ll be confident and ready to answer the call.

-Kennedy Coopwood