A Day in the Life at Indianapolis Monthly

  • Carmen-Huff

After Ed Vice President of Social Media Carmen Huff returned from Kenya (where she went for J418, Reporting on HIV/AIDS in Africa), she spent the rest of this past summer as an intern for Indianapolis Monthly. Here is what a typical day looked like at her internship:

8:55 a.m. I would always get to work at least a little early. I would run upstairs, log into the old computers and check my email. Then I would go down to the second floor to tell my mentor I was there.

9:15 a.m. After checking in with a few staff members, I would have fact checking assignments for the day. The staff would highlight everything that needed to be verified. I would Google and call until I knew every word was true.

10 a.m. Keep checking all the facts.

Noon By the afternoon, I was starving. I tried to have lunch with a different editor every day just so I could pick their brain for information. If an editor didn’t have time for lunch, then I would ask for a 20-minute informational interview. It was great to get advice and take a break from fact checking. Best tip: When applying for a job or internship, spell the hiring person’s name correctly.

3 p.m. I would usually finish my fact checking assignments by late afternoon. I would then email corrections to the assigning editor and take the hard copy down to the managing editor.

3:15 p.m. I would read articles that the EIC would email to the entire staff. They were great inspiration for ideas as well as writing styles. I would also try and come up with my own blog ideas for the website.

5 p.m. Check out with my mentors and head out for the evening. I always wanted to beat rush-hour traffic out of downtown. If I was still working on something at 5 p.m., I would just stay until 6 p.m. I could sit in the office and work or sit in my car on the interstate. Trust me, Emmis was a much swankier place to be than my Volkswagen beetle.

Carmen Huff