10 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

0As students preparing for our futures, it’s important to stay current about what’s going on in the world around us. Whether the information we’re absorbing is magazine-related or news-related, having a broad knowledge about the world and the things going on in it is a habit we need to form now.

Twitter is a great way to stay updated on what is happening. Many of us are already on Twitter connecting with friends and trying to get replies from our favorite celebrities. Why not use Twitter as a platform to get ahead in your professional life? Follow these Twitter accounts to stay current and prepare yourself for your future career in magazines:

1. LinkedInU: @LinkedInU
LinkedInU is for college students looking for a job or internship. LinkedInU shows students how to improve their LinkedIn profile page and teaches students how to answer difficult interview questions. Besides tweeting about things related to LinkedIn, LinkedInU also tweets about topics that college students should pay attention to and know about.

2. AP Stylebook: @APStylebook
As a writer, we have all used the AP Stylebook once or twice. Following the AP Stylebook on Twitter is just one more way to gain writing and editing knowledge. The account tweets things that may not be found in the AP Stylebook and also tweets things that we should remember as a writer.

3. Ed2010: @Ed2010News
Like Ed at Indiana, Ed2010 is focused on your future. Follow this account to find out about open positions in the magazine industry and stay current on what’s going on in the magazine world.

4. Condé Nast: @CondeNastCorp
Condé Nast is the home of some of our favorite magazines. Following this account will not only keep you updated on what’s going on with Condé Nast magazines, but you will also be provided with general information and tips about the magazine industry.

5. BrandYourself: @Brandyourself
BrandYourself is the perfect account for college students to follow. BrandYourself is concerned with controlling what comes up in search results when a potential employer Googles you. BrandYourself supplies you with the ability to take control of what people see about you on the internet.

6. Media Bistro: @Mediabistro
Media Bistro is here to cater to all of your job needs. From news and resources to community news and job postings, Media Bistro is your one stop shop for all things professional.

7. FOLIO Magazine: @foliomag
Folio Magazine tweets relevant news that every magazine professional and future professional should know. News and trends happening right now could be streaming on your timeline, so follow FOLIO!

8. Matt Bean: @mattbean1
For the sports lovers, this one is for you. Matt Bean, managing editor of Sports Illustrated, is live on Twitter tweeting about things that you should want to know too. Aside from tweeting about informational things, Matt tweets fun regular things like you and I. It’s great to follow the editor of your favorite magazine, so if you like sports, Matt Bean is a good place to start.

9. Michele Promaulayko: @michprom
Michele Promaulayko is not only the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health magazine, but she is also a great person to follow on Twitter. Michele tweets not just about Women’s Health, but about career advice as well. Michele provides links to other professionals who want to share their information with you. Women’s Health may be her top priority, but helping her followers is a close second.

10. Editor-In-Chief of any magazines you have an interest in
As future magazine editors, it’s important to stay in the know about what your favorite magazine is doing. Follow the editor-in-chief and read what they’re reading. Get in their mindset and start preparing now. The future is only a few years away and it’s time to get started.

Be sure to follow these Twitter accounts and many more. The world of magazines is very big and it’s important to gain as much knowledge as you can!

Charnay Pickett