A Day in the Life of a Cosmopolitan Intern

Ed at Indiana President Allison Berry spent the summer interning at Cosmopolitan in NYC. Here is what a typical day looked like at her internship:


Allison with the other Cosmo features interns at the GMA Jason Derulo concert

9:00 A.M. At this point in my morning, I was always either already on the subway for my short ride to the Hearst Tower from my midtown dorm, or trying to finish getting ready before running out the door!

9:15 A.M. I’d usually arrive at the office building by 9:15, grab some breakfast from the Hearst Café (My go-to? The banana maple oatmeal. So good!), and head up to the 38th floor where Cosmo’s offices are located.

9:20 A.M. All of the features interns (there were 6 of us!) started arriving around this time, and once we were settled in, we’d start scouring popular news sites to compile the daily “News Report” that would get sent out to the entire features team. We’d spend almost an hour in the morning getting stories together for subjects like Love/Sex, Psychology, Career, Entertainment, and Business/Politics. The report needed to be sent out by 10:30 every morning, so it was a great way to get our day started.

10:30 A.M. Cosmo editors were usually busy getting their own days started around this time, so for the most part we would try to keep ourselves busy by working on long-term assignments. For example, our internship coordinator, senior editor Liz Plosser, was the editor of the Hot & Healthy pages in the magazine and was always up for helpful research and pitches for her section. When we weren’t working on one of our dozens of pitching assignments, we typically had reporting assignments for sections of the magazine like “Confessions” and “Love, Lust and Other Stuff.”

12:30 P.M. After spending most of the morning working on assignments, all of the features interns would head down to lunch at the Hearst Café together. While we were totally allowed to leave the building and spend our lunch hour as we pleased, for the most part we loved to take advantage of the amazing spread at Hearst and make our lunch as quick as possible to get back up to the offices. Afternoons would typically pick up speed so we tried to be around as soon as editors needed our help!

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.12.03 AM(1)

The view from Allison’s desk at Cosmo

1:00 P.M. Back in my corner of the 38th floor, I would usually spend most of the afternoon fielding assignments from editors and helping out in whatever way I could. Cosmo runs an incredible internship program, so the editors were great at giving us productive assignments and letting us really get a glimpse of what it’s like to work full-time at the best-selling women’s magazine in the world. Some of my favorite assignments? Assisting senior editor Jessica Knoll (now at SELF magazine), with the Sex Q&A column, pitching Love, Lust and Other Stuff opener ideas to deputy editor Marina Khidekel, and even running errands or researching for editorial assistant Diandra Barnwell. There was never a dull moment while working for such a smart and enthusiastic group of editors!

6:00 P.M. Though my workday ended at 6 everyday, there were a couple of occasions where the interns were invited to attend an after-hours promotional event or office party for Cosmo, which were just as much fun as you would expect them to be. I feel so lucky that I was able to spend the summer at one of my favorite brands in the magazine industry and can’t wait to be back in the city full-time after graduation!

Allison Berry