A Day in the Life of a Seventeen Intern

lily-collins-covers-seventeen-magazine-september-2013IU junior and Ed at Indiana contributing writer Alexis Benveniste recently completed an internship at Seventeen in New York City. Here, she recounts a typical day during her internship:

10:00: First thing in the morning, I arrive at the office, breakfast in hand and ready to conquer the day. I always checked my email right away and eventually it became a habit.

10:15: Around this time, I would usually make a to-do list for the day based off of the emails that I received from my editors. Generally, I would receive emails about helping with headline ideas, pitches, Twitter hash tags, or general research for stories that were in the works. At this point, I would usually spend about 30 minutes getting smaller things out of the way such as brainstorming for Twitter hash tags or subhead ideas.

10:45: After crossing the smaller things off of my to-do list, I would usually dive into working on pitches at this point unless my editor had indicated that there was research that she needed ASAP. I began brainstorming for pitches by looking at past issues to ensure that I wouldn’t repeat any past story idea and articles. After that, I would try to channel the Seventeen voice and think about what is relevant and important to the demographic. I would start with an idea and then expand on it and explore possibilities for graphics, photos and art in the magazine.

12:00: Around noon, I would collaborate with the other interns to create a Google doc filled with daily news, celeb gossip, celeb birthdays, and celeb tweets. This was called the Daily Clips and once it was finished, we sent it to the entire staff and printed out a copy for the editor-in-chief.

1:00: I usually grabbed lunch with other features interns or web interns around 1 at the Hearst Café! We were given an hour lunch break (very generous), but we usually only stayed for about 45 minutes because we had a lot to work on back in the office. Some days we would just eat lunch at our desks because we had so much to work on.

2:00: Usually I would come back from lunch and continue my research or begin transcribing an interview for an editor. This would usually go on until about 4 p.m.

4:00: Wrap up the transcription or research and begin looking for celebrity trends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

5:00: At this point in the day, editors would usually ask me to gather quotes for the magazine. I would do this by asking friends on Facebook, and sometimes I would even go on the street and ask strangers. I usually did this until I left at 6 p.m.

6:00: Time to go home! I didn’t always love this part (especially on my last day), but I truly felt like I learned something new every day and I loved being a part of the Seventeen team!

Alexis Benveniste