Spring 2013 Internship Panel Recap by Alexis Benveniste

This past Wednesday, January 16, Ed2010 held a magazine internship panel for IU students at Ernie Pyle Hall in room 214. The panel consisted of Ron Eid, Kim Hannel, Allison Berry, Marcia Debnam, and Michela Tindera.

Ron Eid, Associate Editor at Bloom began by advising students to, “learn as much as you can about the magazine quickly.”


When it comes to attitude, the panelists agreed that it is important to be excited and to choose specific qualifications/instances to stand out.

A lot of cover letter advice was passed around as attendees questioned the panelists.

Eid made it very clear that employers can learn a lot from a cover letter and Kim Hannel, Managing Editor of Indianapolis Monthly emphasized the importance of having others proofread your résumé and cover letter.

Michela Tindera, Editor-in-Chief of INSIDE magazine shared how important it is to “make yourself stand out.”

Panelists advised students of how important it is to get as many writing clips as possible and make sure you don’t have any type-o’s!

Career Services Director, Marcia Debnam suggested that students “treat a cover letter as a writing sample,” emphasizing the importance of showing your skills and style. To piggyback Debnam’s advice, former Parent’s Magazine intern, Allison Berry, suggested that future interns “stray away from the standard cover letter.”

Eid agreed with Berry, stating, “we can learn a lot from a cover letter.” All of the panelists agreed that having a cover letter formula is not necessary because formulated cover letters usually lack style and personality. Hannel even shared that mistakes are more likely to be made when there are quick changes to a formulated cover letter, and that the letters come off as impersonal.

The panel was incredibly informative and the IU students definitely left with great advice and information. Just remember, do your best, and as all of the panelists agreed, “show enthusiasm!”